Stenophilscia glarearum

In early May , we visited Slapton beach in Devon to try and locate the very rare Isopod Stenophiloscia glarearum ( zosterae )

It lives on shingle beach strandlines at a handful of UK sites , and has proved very elusive to those seeking it out , the trip was fruitless , with none being found .

On the 18th of May , I set around 30 pitfall traps along a stretch of beach at Ringstead bay Dorset , fine vegetated shingle at the back of the beach , with traps set at various levels , and baited with cat biscuits and Whitebait .

The following morning , I collected the traps , among the numerous Sandhooper's, Woodlice , and Beetles , were 4 Stenophiloscia glarearum , a new species record for Dorset , and highlighting the need to survey beach strandlines .

Wimborne Literary Festival

On Thursday the 19th of May , we will be attending the Wimborne Literary Festival in Wimborne Dorset  , our presentation will run from 3.30 until 4.30 .

We will talk about the purpose of our book, The Essential Guide To Beachcombing And The Strandline , and the process and research needed to write natural history titles such as this .

Signed books will be available on the day

Wembury beachcombing event

On the weekend of the 15th & 16th of April , we ran a beachcombing and strandline event at Wembury Devon .

There was a good turnout for the two guided walks , with an evening talk and presentation at the Wembury Marine Centre , we set pitfall traps on Saturday afternoon on the beach strandline , in the hope of sampling the numerous Insects and other inverts that occupy the piles of seaweed cast up , on our return trip Sunday we found the traps bulging with Sandhoppers , Spiders and various Beetles .

Birds were observed feeding on the beach , these included Rock pipits , Crows and Pied wagtails , all taking advantage of the bounty of seaweed flies and carrion .

We had signed copies of our book, The Essential Guide To Beachcombing And The Strandline , which proved a valuable aid for many of the beachcombers .



Gray Whales San ignacio lagoon

Our recent once in a lifetime expedition to Baja Mexico gave us an opportunity to observe and interact with some of the Planets iconic and endangered species .

The trip was run by Naturetrek UK , aboard the Searcher  based in San diego

We saw two Blue Whales, one stayed by the boat for nearly three hours , crystal clear waters allowed views rarely experienced , Humpbacks Whales breached beside the boat , snorkelling with a giant Whale Shark and Sea Lions  , Mobula rays flying about on the surface , and the iconic Gray Whales in San Ignacio lagoon for two days , these whales and their calves are happy to approach small boats and interact with people , a truly unique experience , and the short video I shot on my Gopro 4 black is proving popular on social media

The trip also included shore trips to deserted islands , giant cacti , reptiles , giant Elephant Seals and rare birds were abundant .