Chesil beach Hare

8th November 2015 , we visited Chesil beach to see if recent winds had washed any drift ashore , unfortunately the beach was clean , only seaweed on the strandline .

On the drive back , my wife Julie spotted a Brown Hare Lepus europaeus running along the single bank , we waited to see where it settled , and I made my way over in the hope it would still be there .

At first I thought it had moved on , but on closer inspection , found it resting among driftwood and other debris , perfectly camouflaged against the pebbles , using my Canon 500L , I settled down at took a series of shots , the Hare was aware of me , but stayed in place .

We have long known that Brown Hares live and forage on beaches , but photographing them can be frustrating , often running along the shingle , and impossible to capture on camera .

This sighting once again highlights beaches as suitable Mammal habitats .

Small Spotted Cat Sharks

18th October 2015 , a last minute end of season break in the weather allowed us to dive Chesil Cove Dorset .

There had been reports of large numbers of Small spotted Cat Sharks in the bay , we made our way down to try and record the event .

Conditions were good, flat calm with 6 meters viz , we made our way across the pebbles and boulders onto a sandy seabed in 11 meters of water , we were soon distracted by a small John dory hunting along the undulating seabed , while photographing this , we soon became aware of Cat Sharks lying on the sand , and sheltering at the base of seaweed .

After the John dory had swam away we turned our attention to the Sharks , they were easy to find , and not alarmed by our presence , allowing us to photograph them , and observe their behaviour , we assumed they are there to breed .

It was encouraging to see them in good numbers , like all Sharks , they are under constant pressure from overfishing , anglers also kill and dump them on the beach as they are regarded as a bait stealing  pest .




The Essential Guide To Beachcombing And The Strandline

Our new book, The Essential Guide To Beachcombing And The Strandline , has just arrived , available on the Wild Nature Press website , or from other book retailers such as Amazon and Waterstones .

Written by my Wife Julie & I , it covers our years of beachcombing finds and experiences , along with activities and conservation issues facing the Worlds Oceans .

We have also covered the beach strandline , and the often unique wildlife that relies on it , from tiny Mites , to small Mammal and Birds .


Seahorses BBC Big Blue UK

I featured on todays BBC Big Blue UK 27TH august , its great to see Studland's bay Seahorses back on national television again .

The need for protection is greater than ever , the site continues to degrade and the hands of visiting boats that anchor there , we hope recent sightings of Spiny Seahorses and juvenile Undulate Rays will add weight to the need to protect the site from all damaging activities , and the replacement of old chain moorings with Eelgrass friendly ones .