Big Blue UK

Some footage of the juvenile Undulate Ray I found at Studland was featured on the new BBC Big Blue UK programme .

Good to see UK marine life being shown on TV , shame its on at 9.15 am .

The Studland sightings of juvenile Undulate Rays is very important , for many years we have collected the eggcases ( Mermaids purses ) of this species from Studland and Swanage beach , we always knew that the Eelgrass was a nursery area , but robust evidence is essential for future conservation measures .


Seahorse sighting Studland

I have spent the last few days diving Studland bay in Dorset , on Friday the 7th of August we spotted a pregnant Male Spiny Seahorse, Hippocampus guttulatus while diving in the bay .

The next day I informed my good friend Andy Jackson of Subsea tv, as he has a licence to film Seahorses in Studland bay , he drove down from Yorkshire the next day , and we dived the site again a few days later .

The first dive revealed another Spiny Seahorse, this time a Female , and possible mate of the Male seen a few days before , Andy also found a juvenile Undulate Ray on the afternoon dive , an exciting find as we have always stated that Studland is a nursery area for this endangered species .

The following days dive resulted in another sighting of a Male Seahorse which could be the one already spotted , and a different Undulate Ray , this is a very positive find , as some are stating Seahorses have been ' wiped out ' in the bay , this is clearly untrue and unfounded , however , the anchor and mooring damage is a serious as ever , and we hope our recent finds will add weight to the site being selected once again in the third trance of Marine Protected Areas .

My new Gopro 4 black has proved a useful addition to my kit , being able to film the Undulate rays in situ is essential

Gull persecution

Our Governments latest target on the British wildlife hit list is Gulls , the debate is being fuelled by lies and misinformation being put out by national media and a minority who live by the coast and feel Gulls are a nuisance .

Tails of children being ' attacked ' , the possibility that Gulls will develop a taste for babies , and other complete nonsense has been reported , with little or no mention of the threats the Gulls face, or the reasons for their behaviour .

Centuries of overfishing has raped our seas of the Gulls natural food source, Fish and Crustaceans , decades of people throwing litter onto beaches and streets has resulted in Gulls associating us with food .

Gulls are a declining species in the UK , their nesting sites have been developed , their food taken , they run the gauntlet of pollution , floating rafts of marine debris , entanglement , and now the prospect of a cull , another man made problem where the animal has to pay .

I have written a feature for Dorset Echo in defence of the Gulls



Filming at Kimmeridge

We have been filming a feature for an Off The Fence production called Wild Europe .

It will be aired on the National Geographic Channel once finished .

I was hired as a ' fixer ' for the film and production crew , this entails using my local knowledge of wildlife locations, tidal and weather conditions , and useful contacts such as land owners .

I also set up various tanks in my workshop for the close up work on Limpets and Anemones .

Andy Jackson of Subsea TV and Nick Wilcox Brown were behind the cameras , many of which involved filming time lapse on Limpets through the night , with the tank work taking place the following day .

My Canon MPE65 was used to film extreme close up of a Limpets Radula , which scraps micro Algae off rocks , Fluorescence in Snakelocks Anemones was also captured .